The Ten Ounce Terrorist

I am under siege, my feet are attacked in the night, plastic houseplants are being torn apart, the dogs cringe in fear in the corner. A small grey tiger has declared this house to be one huge hunting reserve, no creature in this place is safe from random acts of kitten chaos. Neko first came up with a long plastic faux leaf from one of the plastic plants and I was curious how she got it. The plant in question is in a “planter” hanging from the ceiling about four feet off the ground. Perhaps this is a magic cat…. able to defy gravity and hover while harvesting Chinese made plastic plant matter. This is a mystery I have yet to solve. Moving the plant was a thought but I am as curious as any other cat and really want to know how this is being done. Perhaps one of those game cameras that wildlife researchers use, would be appropriate as this kitten  certainly acts wild. This activity is followed by the quiet times while the tiger sleeps of course. This is a short reprieve as the little beast wakes while we sleep and carries out night operations. Every now and then she pushes one of the chihuahuas to far, usually Lillipup who chases her off the queen bed (our den) and out the door. Even a ten ounce tiger is no match for an angry five pound descendant of a wolf.

Tiger at Rest

Neko is still being “Mothered” by Meow who it seems has adopted her as if she where her own offspring. Meow has much more tolerance for the antics of “crazy kitten” as she is Nekos favorite toy. We are often startled awake by the sound of Meow and Neko having some epic mock battle in the surrounding darkness. There are still places the kitten cannot get access to and those are the places Meow uses to get a respite from being a chew toy.

As it is the last day of May this cat will refrain delivering any profound observations on anything not so profound. Just do not feel like striking any “blows against the empire” today or “bitching” and complaining in general. If one were looking in from the outside it appears the “empire” is crumbling, the America this old cat grew up in has gone. Replaced by anger and tribalism which leaves me outraged and afraid. But digressing into politics is a slippery slope and this cat has no desire to swan dive into a sewer and start swimming laps. This Old Cat is feeling a bit like having a nip of catnip and daydreaming under a tree.


A bit of time has gone by since the last post as the demands of summer require our attention. Summer is a favorite season, my bones ache less and the sun feels good on my head. But there are times I miss being an apartment cat in New York, there was no lawn to care for, no shrubs to be trimmed, I didn’t need to use a  “powerwasher” on anything. This cat has not got a green thumb (or paw, or whatever) plastic plants are the only kind that survive long in this place and even those are now imperiled by the rampaging ten ounce terrorist. My father had a green thumb, hell he had ten green fingers. Dad loved his flower beds and shrubs, he could make the backyard feel like an arboretum, it’s not a genetic trait I guess. Well I grow tired of banging my paws on this keyboard so this blog post will now come to an end. Now turn off that computer and go lay in the sun!

This is the haggard Old Wet Cat saying “Meout”!! 

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