And the “Tail” continues

As well as the rest of the kitten who finds her way into the oddest spaces. Little Neko has doubled in size in the last three weeks and has made herself comfortable everywhere in the house. The estimate of her being about 4-5 weeks old are seemingly accurate as her growth “spurts” indicate.  After 5 days of hissing & growling Meow (the senior cat in residence) finally accepted Neko after the Big Cat picked them both up and brought them “nose to nose” in a controlled setting. Meow somehow switched into “Mother Cat” mode and began grooming as well as protecting the precocious tiny tabby.

Of course the Big Cat got kitten fever also and ordered up some kitten toys as well as a kitten size scratching post, also got “sucked-in” by a cute little kitten dish on sale at the local pet store. Somehow Neko realized these items were hers, immediately assaulting the post while it was being assembled. As it is now warmer out the Big Cat has been busy with all the cleaning & repairs required in the upkeep of this little zoo so time to write posts is at a premium. Keeping watch on an overactive youngster adds to the mess.

Nekos New Toy

The Chihuahua’s have adopted her readily and even allow her access to the dog food plate. She seems to have a taste for dog food, but of course she has a taste for nearly anything that resembles food.  She has yet to learn that the Big Cat’s plate has a different set of rules and just barging in and helping yourself is frowned on, but there is time to learn the “Rules”.  Bringing a tiny kitten into this household is very interesting as all the critters already here are old. The dogs & cats here are all over ten years and the Big Cat is old enough to collect Social Security. All in all it’s a bit like bringing a kindergarten kid to live in a old folks home. She has however energized the older critters a bit, Meow plays with her but has limited patience for having her tail assaulted regularly.

Feeding is easy as Neko will eat anything she can get her claws on and seems to relish dog food. The Chihuahuas have accepted her and are not above trying to grab some kitten food when Neko eats. So “all’s well that ends well” is the old clique, what troubles me most is what became of the other kittens. Cats almost never give birth to a single kitten and seldom have less than three kittens. It troubles me thinking of what became of those poor defenseless creatures.

Chow Time

Well it is the middle of the day so this post will pause for now, the sun is shining and there is much work to be done. Perhaps this evening we will add to this chapter if we are not too tired…. then again perhaps not. We are back, after a day of toiling on our little half acre to post a few more lines  and send them off into the internet. On my last site I had a counter that reported how many unique visitors had come by. This site has not been equipped with this software as it stores the IP address of visitors and this cat is just not cool with that. In our privacy statement we explain all this and I’ve been told its a fun read. Privacy is also becoming a thing of the past with social media, surveillance cameras, computer hacking, and identity theft. It seems at times that we have evolved into an “Orwellian” society. The degree of intrusion into our everyday lives would be considered an outrage in the days when this cat was young. When did we agree to surrender our privacy? Why did we let it happen? We live in unique times as the world has changed so radically that the reality of our youth so differs from the environment today’s children know.

The world of my childhood did not differ so greatly from that of my father. The technology had not changed much from my fathers world to mine. Dad had telephones, radio and the Movies I also grew up with telephones, radio, the Movies and they had not changed much at all. The big difference was TV, Dad did not have TV but the “boob tube” was basically the radio… with pictures, at least it was back then. Today’s children are exposed to technology that was the stuff of science fiction in my youth. Communication and information at the touch of a finger and lately at the sound of your voice. This technology comes with a twist, in order to participate you give up privacy, when you talk to “Alexa” she listens as do real human employees of the parent company. Whatever you say to a machine these days can be recorded and broadcast to whomever cares to listen. All our telephone calls are “screened” by the government, looking for key words that could be indicative of a threat. Our grandchildren take to this tech so readily, perhaps to their detriment…. is a Facebook “friend” a real friend? A fellow human who you would welcome into your home? Is it even a “real” person? Or a photo of someone else copied and pasted into a web browser. Someone you really know? A person who’s company you enjoy like fine dining? In truth we can never know who is on the other end of any modern form of electronic communication.

Modern times are often perplexing to this old cat, but I have carefully embraced that degree of technology required to get by in these times. But I do often believe it to be overly intrusive as “bots” and “cookies” track our every move in this digital universe.  George Orwell never envisioned every person carrying a video & audio recording device on their person, devices capable of broadcasting directly to the internet. While crafting “1984” he did not see the future of cameras in cars, computers, phones and on every street corner. Orwell certainly did not see “face recognition software”  being a part of our future, “Big Brother” is watching more intently than ever, and knows who you are and what you do. Of course we are all free to go “live off the grid” but this old cat can no longer imagine a world devoid of technology at my age. I’m too damn old to be gathering firewood or growing my own crops and can barely read a book with a lamp so candlelight would be out of the question! Although it causes us all to be a bit lazier, willing to sacrifice our social structure and privacy for streaming movies, YouTube videos and online shopping. If “Big Brother” is truly watching he may very well be laughing his ass off, or searching for your Facebook profile…. who’s to say.   This Old Cat is not very trusting of the cats in charge but still surrenders to the tech. But all this intrusive gadgetry appears to be here to stay, for better or worse. Part of that trade-off we make for active participation in the times we live in! Well I think I’ve managed to completely bore any visitor who stumbles on this site. We cats wish you well and “fond adieu” and on that note….

This is the rather busy Old Wet Cat saying “Meout” … for now!

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