The Tale of Rescue Little “Neko”

I was out in the front yard tarping my utility trailer last evening when I heard a lot of car horns honking in front of my house. There was a small black car stopped in the street and the driver was out of the car chasing a small creature. As it was “rush hour” there was a line of cars blowing their horns (and their Cool) behind him.  The tiny creature ran when he approached so he jumped into his car and stopped about 20 feet from the last spot where he again left his car and approached the small critter. The little animal again dashed away toward the end of my driveway and was hunkered down against the curb across the street. Seeing a striped body and tail thought it might be a baby raccoon, but as I started walking down my driveway and saw it was a tiny, terrified little tabby kitten huddled up against the curb. I walked across the street ever so slowly so as not to panic the little cat. I approached from the side as the driver walked over and picked up the kitten and asked “is this your kitten”? I answered “no but someone needs to look after it” He said he “just wanted to save its life” as he quickly passed the tiny creature into my hands, jumped into his car and took off.  After reviewing the security camera recordings I saw that some poor excuse for a human being had thrown her from a car at 35 miles an hour only a few minutes before. It hurts and enrages me that someone could be so bereft of kindness, compassion and decency to commit such an act.  Especially against such a small defenseless creature who only sin was being born. I took her inside and held her in my arms for the best part of an hour until she stopped shaking and began to purr. So it appears that fate has sent me another little companion.

After allowing her to calm down I gave her some food, I had to use my finger as it appears she was not yet weaned. After a bit she ate some then settled down in my arms and appeared to fall asleep. A few hours ago she was part of a litter… playing, sleeping and nursing with her litter mates. Now she is a orphan who has found her place in spite of the cruelty of mankind. She has had a rough 12 hours I would guess, but has now found her “forever home” here with our pack.

Neko the Rescued Tabby  雌猫

She had a good night and a good breakfast this morning. I have decided to call her “Neko” which is cat in Japanese. She is truly a Maneki Neko or “lucky cat” as it’s amazing she did not get run over by impatient commuters. I am a “lucky Cat” as well for having her come into our life from such a potentially dangerous situation. This now brings our Critter compliment here at “Cats Meow” headquarters to five (not including the “Big Cat”).

This is the slightly tired Old Cat Saying “Meout”

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